Personal / Family Tab [Legacy]


The Personal / Family tab contains birth information, family information, and marriage information.

For birth information you can enter the date, name, place, and even the person’s ethnic origin. When you enter in the birth date, the age will calculate automatically.

If a birthday of a child is keyed in, Shepherd’s Staff will automatically assign the child a Grade. The Grade is assigned by using the School Cut Off Date found in the Main Menu Utilities, under Settings and the Membership tab.

For the family you can enter the relationship this person has within the family as well as their father’s and mother’s name. Another nice feature here is that you can keep track of not only how many children this person has but also how many children are still living. This is a quick way to tell if this person has a child who has passed away.

For marriage you can enter in the person’s marital status, their spouse’s name, and their wedding date. The marriage information between the spouses should match, otherwise some reports may not be accurate.

For example: If the Church Directory Report is generated from Shepherd’s Staff, the program will not view two persons as married unless one individual is Head of Household and the other is Spouse and BOTH individuals are marked as Married under Marital Status. To appear on an Anniversaries Report (for weddings), BOTH Wedding Date fields must have the exact same date.


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