People Grid


The People Grid looks very similar to the Household Grid but keep in mind that the Household Grid contains only Household records. The People Grid on the other hand actually contains all Person records that are also grouped within each Household record.

As with the Household Grid, the People Grid has Address / Phone, Visits, and Deaths tabs. In this case the information shown is based on the Person record and not the Household record. There are also tabs for quickly seeing a person’s Activities, Skills, and Training.

» Address/Phone—This tab works the same as the Household Grid except it will show an alternate personal address if it’s active instead of the household address.

» Visits—This tab works the same as the Household Grid except this tab shows the personal visits for this person.

» Deaths—This tab works the same as the Household Grid.

» Activities, Skills, and Training— These tabs show any Activity, Skill, or Training records that this person has. If you want to add, edit, or delete an Activity, Skill, or Training record you can do so using the buttons at the bottom of the window.

  1. Names can be found quickly by starting to type the last name of the person. To highlight a record, single-click on a record.
  2. To access a Person’s information on a tab, simply select the Household, then click the tab at the top of the grid. A tab that is shaded means there is no data on that tab for that record.
  3. The People Grid will only show non-Removed persons by default. To include Removed persons in the grid, check the box labeled “Show Removed Persons.” You can also choose to show only removed persons, only members, or only non-members.


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