Family Tab


The Family tab is where you can see the Person records within this Household record. You can also access the Visits Grid for this household as well as assign this household to a person, ministry group, or even the newsletter list.

  1. The mini grid within this tab contains the Person records assigned to this household. By adding Person records here, the Household Name, Address and Phone will transfer to the Person record. For information on Person records turn to the section titled “Adding a Person Record.”
  2. This tab also contains option fields for Person Assigned and Ministry Group. Traditionally, the Person Assigned would be an individual or group that would be assigned for ministering to this particular Household. The Ministry Group is traditionally used for a geographic (or demographic) zone that this Household resides in. Both of these fields can be used in a different manner and are adaptable to the needs of the church.
  3. Off to the right, there are two quick buttons to Visits and Scheduled Visits. These buttons will open the Visits and Scheduled Visits Grid filtered for the Visit records belonging to this household.
  4. The Newsletter checkbox is used to recognize that this Household receives the church newsletter. A Subgroup can be created to include only those Households with this designation.



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