Adding a Household


There are four ways to add a Household record:

» Click the H+ button on the toolbar.

» Click the Add button on the Household Grid.

» Go to the menu bar and click Add from the records>household pop out.

» If you accidentally start adding a person first, you can click the House + button next to household name on the Person record. 

In order to save a household (OK button) you must fill out all the fields with a blue heading. These are required fields and are needed by the software for a valid Household record. Although the majority of the fields are not required, the more thorough the data entry, the more useful the database. It is to your church’s benefit to fill in as much information as possible.

Once the required fields have been filled in under the Contact tab, the Household is completed and can be closed. However, there is additional information that can be added to the Household record on the Family / Church tab and the Other tab.

  1. The first step is to fill in the Household Name at the top of the window. Traditionally, the last name of the family or group would go into this field.
  2. The Label Name Styles 1 and 2 are optional and are entered by the user. Some examples could be “Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith” for Style 1 and “Joe and Jane Smith” in Style 2. The important part is that you keep these fields consistent throughout your Household records so that reports such as mailing labels are accurate. The field entitled “Salutation for form letters” works the same way.
  3. The number in the Family box will calculate automatically as Person records are added to the household. If you don’t see this field update, simply close the record and open it back up to see the correct number.



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