Household Grid


The Household records in your database can be easily managed through the use of a grid. The grid that contains all Household records is called the Household Grid. 

From here you can quickly access a highlighted household’s Address / Phone, Visits, and Deaths through the tabs at the top of the grid. 

» Address / Phone Tab—This tab shows you the household’s contact information along with the people within that household. The information can be updated by editing the Household or Person records. You can also print a mailing label for, send an email to, or see a map of this household.

» Visits—On this tab you will see any Visit records that have been entered for this household. If you wish to add, edit, or delete a record, you can do so using the buttons at the bottom.

» Deaths—Any deaths that have happened for this household will show
on this tab. You also have access to all the standard grid conventions and buttons like unlock and export to a spreadsheet. See the Grid Conventions in the start of this manual for instruction on those grid features.

  1. Names can be found quickly by starting to type the name of the household. To highlight a record, single-click on a record. 
  2. To access a Household’s information on a tab, simply select the Household, then click the tab at the top of the grid. A tab that is shaded means there is no data on that tab for that record.
  3. By default the Household Grid does not show household’s containing only removed people. If you wish to see these households, you can click on the “Include removed households” in the bottom left corner.


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