Tree by Household [Legacy]


Similar to the way the dashboard can be used to show your membership activity at a glance, the tree is also available to show your member information at a glance.

There are six trees available from the “By Household” view.

» Member Households—Displays just the households that have at least one non-removed member.
» Non-Member Households—Displays just the households that have at least one non-member.
» All Households—This is the original tree with no member/non-member filtering applied.
» Only Members—Displays only non-removed members within each household.
» Only Non-Members—Displays only non-members within each household.
» Business, Church, Organization, School—It shows all Household records with one of those four household types assigned to it.

  1. You can access this tree by clicking Tree in the menu bar and then selecting “By Household.”
  2. To change the tree filters, click the drop-down box and select the desired view.
  3. When a Node is displayed with a + sign, it can be opened by clicking on it to display the Branch. Branches can be clicked on to access that individual’s record.
  4. In order to access the Household record, you can select it in the tree and then click the Show Household button.
  5. The Refresh button is used to update any changes you have made to membership since entering the module




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