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We no longer have access to the admin account for Shepherd’s Staff. How can I establish access to our account?


There are two different options depending on your current situation or what you feel is easiest for you to achieve.

If the current admin is still available to make changes: The current admin can add another admin by logging into the software and creating an account with admin level access.

If the current owner is no longer available: We can make the change for you following a quick security measure. 

Step 1: Complete all sections of the form attached to the article below and ensure it is easy to read. If the forms are not legible, we will not be able to process it quickly.

Step 2: Print letter below on your organization’s letterhead, confirming that the information you have provided in this form is correct. This letter needs to be signed by your organization’s Pastor or in an equivalent position of authority at the church and a witness.

Step 3: Fax or scan and email this signed form, on letterhead, to Concordia Technology Solutions. Fax: 1-800-496-2641 Email:


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