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We no longer have access to the admin account for Shepherd’s Staff. How can I establish access to our account?


There are two different options depending on your current situation or what you feel is easiest for you to achieve.

If the current admin is still available to make changes: The current admin can add another admin by logging into the software and creating an account with admin level access.

If the current owner is no longer available: We can make the change for you following a quick security measure. 

Step 1: Contact us at with your church information, along with the name and email addresses for your highest church authority and your church's new administrator. This administrator will be who we will call to remote in as they will witness the password reveal.

Step 2: Once we receive both authorizer and administrator contact information, we will send a secured Panda doc to the authorizer's email, usually a pastor or church president. Once the pastor signs the document, it will be automatically sent to the administrator's email for their signature.

Note: The pastor does not need to forward the document to the administrator.

Step 3: Once Support receives the signed documentation, we will contact the administrator for a time for us to call and remote into their Shepherd's Staff to display the system administrator password for them.


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