Importing Batches from WebTools


After you are done with the entering the offering batch, you are now ready to import it into Shepherd's Staff. Before you can import the batch you have to set the statues on your WebTool site. Then you have to open Shepherd's Staff and import it. Then you can post the batch in Shepherd's Staff. 

Shepherd's Staff determines which batches get imported into Shepherd's Staff by a statues that is listed on your WebTool site. This statues can be changed by clicking the Statues of the batch you want.

» In Process: This means that the batch is still being worked on. This is the only time when people can be added to a batch or it can be edited. 

» Ready: This means the batch is ready to be imported into Shepherd's Staff. When a batch has this statues it cannot be edited. However, the statues can be changed back and then edited if need be or you can import it into Shepherd's Staff to edit it. 

Note: After importing a batch into Shepherd's Staff, the batch will be removed from WebTools.

To import a batch from WebTools:

  1. Log into WebTools 
  2. View the Offering Batches by clicking the "Offering Batches" at the top of the view
  3. Change the statues of the batch to "Ready" by clicking the statues
  4. Open Shepherd's Staff and open the Contributions Module
  5. Open the Offering Batch window
  6. Click the icon on the bottom of the window on the far right. This icon will import all batches with the "Ready" statue in WebTools
  7. A new window will appear. From here you can select which batches to download by clicking the check box. 
  8. Click "Import Batches". You will see the statues of the import below.