Merging Vendors


Sometimes you will end up with duplicate versions of the same vendor with transactions attached to both of them. It is very cumbersome to have to delete all the transaction linked to one vendor and then recreate them for the other vendor. Instead you can use the "Combine Vendor" utility.

Note: This action can only be taken by administrators and it is strongly recommended you make a backup before you use the utility. Once vendors are merged there is no separating them again. 

To combine two vendors:

  1. To start the "Merge Vendor" utility, click "Utility" in the menu bar and select "Combine Two Vendors..."
  2. Click "yes" on the back up reminder message. It is strongly recommended you make a backup before using this utility.
  3. Select the vendors you wish to combine in the drop down. It will then list all the transaction associated with those vendors for reference. 
  4. Select which vendor to merge by selecting the radio button on the bottom. 
  5. Click "Continue" and "Review" the summary.
  6. Click "Merge" and then "Confirm".