Find Activities, Skills, and Training


After a while, churches can have a large number of people with a variety of Activities, Skills, and Training. For large churches, it can become almost unmanageable. To make finding someone easier, Shepherd's Staff has a search feature for all Activities, Skills, and Training. 

To use the search feature:

  1. Open the Activities / Skills / Training grid by clicking on the icon with "AST" and three people figures from the menu.
  2. Select which subject you'd like to search for by clicking it's corresponding tab in the Activities/Skills/Training window that appears.
  3. Click "Find" in the action items menu in the lower portion of the window. This will bring up a new window for more specific criteria.
  4. Fill in the search information you wish to use and click "OK". This will refresh the grid and display all results matching your search criteria. To reset your search, close and re-open the Activities/Skills/Training view.



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