WebTools Sync [Legacy]


Keeping your database synced with the Webtool is important! Because of this, there is a button on the top bar of the Attendance module so that you can quickly sync at any time. By doing this often you will be able to keep everything up to date online and locally. 

When you sync, data from your database is sent to a server. This information includes church name, church address, person name, event names and info, enrollees, and contributions information.

Note: You have to register your database first before the sync will work. 

In the new window you will find three buttons:

» Sync: This will sync all the information with the WebTool servers. This only needs to be done when you have new members, households, new envelope numbers, new events, and new contributions information.

» Website: Clicking this will open up your default browser and bring you directly to your WebTool site. 

» Copy Link: This button will copy you WebTool URL. This will allow you to paste it into an email and send it to yourself or to other individuals so they can access the site from home. 

To sync to WebTools:

  1. Open the Attendance module 
  2. Click the cloud icon. This icon will have a red icon if you need to sync
  3. Click sync
  4. A screen will show up and disappear once the sync is complete
  5. Click close to close the window.



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