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The Web Tab allows users to configure syncing your Shepherd's Staff data with WebTools and/or Church360 Unite.

WebTools will allow you to enter attendance and offerings from anywhere through the web. This feature only works if you have an active support contract for your Shepherd's Staff software. To activate this feature you will need your most recent support invoice which will contain your account number and invoice number. 

Once activated Shepherd's Staff will start to sync your data to WebTools. Not all of the Shepherd's Staff data is synced with WebTools. The only data that is retrieved is the church address, user names and permissions, person and household names (no contact information is sent), attendance event names, enrollees, and contribution information that includes envelope name and numbers. 

» Account Key: This ID is unique to each customer and will replace the CTS Support ID. In order to get this number, you will need to click the "Get Key" button. You will need your Account Number and Invoice Number to complete this.

» Database Key: This ID identifies the specific database. This will help make sure that your data is safe.

» CTS Support ID: This ID is filled in when you get your Account Key.

» Web Link: This unique URL is the site that your WebTools will be at. You can either copy and paste the URL into a browser or email and send it to someone or you can simply click the icon next the field to open the page in your default browser.

To set up WebTools:

  1. From the main menu, click utilities and select "Settings"
  2. Select the "Web" tab.
  3. Click the "Get Key" button and enter in your CTS Support Account Number and Invoice Number and click "Continue"
  4. If everything was correct, Shepherd Staff will automatically start uploading the data.

Note: You will receive a notification if something went wrong with your upload

After the sync is complete a new area will appear on the Web tab. This area will list several different tools that may be needed. Use this by selecting one of the options and then clicking "Go"

» Check support and database status: Retrieves from the web the customer’s Support Contract status and end date, and the current status of this database (Active or Inactive).

» Activate this database: Activates a deactivated database, so that it can be logged in under WebTools.

» Deactivate this database: Prevents anyone from logging into the database via WebTools.  (Inactivate databases are not counted against the Support Contract’s 3-database limit.)

» Refresh Web data: A special “erase and replace” function that deletes data from WebTools and resends all relevant church data (names, attendance events, enrollees, contribution funds, contributors).

» Sync this database with the web:  Pushes any data changes to WebTools (i.e. data that is flagged for syncing, as specified later).  This is the normal operation that occurs when you sync with WebTools from within Membership, Attendance, or Contributions.

This tab is also where you will find the fields needed to sync Shepherd's Staff with Church360 Unite, a web site build that is part of the Church360 suite. This web site will allow user to create log in and interact with each other using groups. Users can also keep connected with one another by using the site groups and users can update their personal information. Syncing the two will allow information from both to be kept up to date. 

To integrate your Shepherd’s Staff database with your Church360° Unite account:

  1. Log in as an administrator to your Unite account.
  2. Go to the setting tab in the top menu bar and go to the Integration tab.
  3. Copy the information from the Token ID located in the field.
  4. Open Shepherd’s Staff and go to the Membership module.
  5. Go to Tools > Church360º Unite, then click on the Settings tab.
  6. Click on the Edit button (the pen icon) for the Church360° Unite Account Token field and paste the Token ID you copied in step 3. Click the Save button.
  7. Click on the Edit button for the Church360° Unite Subdomain field and enter your subdomain. Click the Save button.
  8. Click on the Synchronize tab and click the Sync button to begin the integration process.

Note: The next time you open the Membership module you will see a new toolbar shortcut for the Church360° Unite sync.




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